Here’s a bright idea: buy an energy-efficient home

Bright Energy Solutions helps you save money for your home or business. Find a Rebate Find a Dealer Efficiency Newsletter for Businesses. Sign up for Questline. How Efficient is My Home or Office? Tools and Calculators. Does Bright Energy Solutions really help? Our Success Stories.

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Home buyers can recoup the added investment in several ways, however. In addition to lowering utility bills, energy-efficient homes often sell faster and at a higher price than noncertified homes, studies have shown. If you buy a certified efficient house, it could give you an advantage should you ever sell. Energy-efficient homes bring in.

Energy-efficient bulbs have revolutionized lighting, but there are other simple ways to reduce both your lighting use and costs.. Home Improvement 10 Bright Ideas for Saving on Lighting.

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Energy savings tips for all areas of your home, including tips for attic insulation and. When buying new heating and cooling equipment such as a central air.

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They learned that a Boise company, IndieDwell, had begun building small, energy-efficient homes made from 40-foot steel boxes used to haul cargo by ship, train and truck. They liked the idea that the.

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Proper insulation is just one element of weatherization that can save you money and improve the comfort and efficiency of your home. | Photo courtesy of Dennis Schroeder, NREL. Weatherizing your home helps you save money by saving energy, and it can also improve the comfort of your home.